Description: Cellular phones in MexicoMexico has excellent cellular phone service. If you do not currently have cellular telephone service you will be able to subscribe to one of the many Mexican cellular services available by going into a provider and buying a phone and picking a service plan. 

If you plan on traveling or moving to Mexico and already have a cellular phone, you will want to ask your current cellular service provider what you will be required to do to send and receive calls from Mexico. You will want to do this before you arrive in Mexico in order to keep your same number when you arrive in Mexico. It is a lot easier to use your cell phone in Mexico if you take care of your service plan before you leave your home. 

Cellular coverage in Mexico is available almost everywhere. Telcel is the largest telephone company in Mexico and has an extensive network across Mexico, other companies are Movistar and Iusacell. 

Rates to and from cell phones in Mexico are higher in comparison with land line calls but you should be able to find a calling package that fits your budget. Prepaid calling cards are popular and they will help you to stay within your budget. 

Mexico is divide up into your home region and "roaming regions". When you travel outside of your phone’s ‘‘Home Region’’ you will be charged a premium to use your cell phone. 

Nextel is a very popular service in Mexico. It combines a cellular phone with a walkie talkie, to give you a more economical way to talk on your phone.