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Why Mexico? Why Rosarito, Baja California?
Why Mexico? Many people wonder. After growth and development of the last 20 years here, the list is easy. The obvious attractions: the beauty of the area with its spectacular views of the sea, the uniqueness and complexity of culture, and family friendly Mexican people. A full range of houses and ocean view lots, new and existing homes in a wide variety of styles are available to suit all tastes.
Stimulating interaction travez constant cultural diversity among Mexican citizens and foreign residents, newcomers and visitors. Counting on the proximity to the U.S. makes the area one atracion here incomparabe since you can enjoy two SIMULTANEOUSLY countries, being so fences Since the U.S. to be in contact with an incredibly wide variety of people around the world, not only Americans and Canadians, but most European countries, and even the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and, indeed, Latin America.
Who are we?
At Mexico Realty Group, we are ready to meet your real estate needs from our offices in Rosarito Baja California Mexico. Our highly professional and multilingual (speak Spanish, English, German, French) is proud of its accessibility, friendliness and dedicated commitment to serving our diverse clients, with all your needs in Baja California Mexico.
Among our team, we have decades of experience in the field of real estate, we will put that experience to work to find the best solution for your needs. Together with our affiliates, we can find or build your house with ocean view one you like as you find the buyer for your home if you are selling ud whatever your need in Mexico or California this insurance we will help in all your real estate needs, you can be sure that you have the most experienced, capable and with the best work ethic in their best interest.
We hope to see you there in person. Do not hesitate to contact us or one of our Affiliates by phone or email to make an appointment, or see directions to our office in Rosarito Baja California or anywhere in California U.S.. Again, we thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about us and hope to see you again - or in person - soon.
Mexico Realty Group is made up of Mexicans who once made their lives in the United States but have returned to enjoy all nice and good that offers Baja California. At the time we decided to create a complete Company and Real Estate. Our company has a group of agents with experience in the real estate industry both Mexico and the United States and decisively offer time-tested ideas, derived from years of experience in sales, purchases, loans, and construction management and real estate.
What makes us so different?
Well, in our group we have agents who can serve a variety of clients in their language because we have staff who speak different languages, including French, German, Spanish and of course English are a group of agents in industry conocimento estate both Las Americas and Europe, We believe in complete service to diverse customers and offer accurate and reliable information about who, what, when, where and why, and to start your own adventure in Baja California is important to have experience to be guided and-protecting to make the best decision in real estate projects in Mexico
For example: Can a tourist visiting own a residence, commercial property, or land in Mexico? I can retire? With my cat, dog, rifle, school children, household furniture? How's the weather? Tell me about labor laws. I can work?? And so on. See our page to see some practical information about living and retirement in La Tuscana of Baja California Mexico on the border of Mexico and the United States.
Meanwhile, keep in mind that real estate problems of customers are our business and MBFRE Real Estate offers an unparalleled selection of seafront residential and commercial real estate for sale as well as the surface in every price range.
MRG's relationship with its staff is one of mutual loyalty, while adding a solid reputation for professionalism and commitment to be not the greatest, but intrego in their dealings. MRG resisted the temptation to expand to a larger dequerer sales organization, preferring to devote himself to provide the service and the best possible results in their chosen market segment
Our service goals
communicate, explain the qualities of life in Mexico and promote the interest of Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, Baja California, in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate.
To appeal to a limited market should be defined and discovered. This is our goal.
promoting properties that give us promote our only after careful evaluation of their true market value: houses, lots, apartments, condos, developments, buildings and grounds.
Promoting properties through advertising through newspapers and magazines, the Internet, direct mail, advertising and personally through our contacts and friends in the United States and Mexico. To match sellers with qualified buyers through the help of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
To underline the absolute honesty and unconditional offer customer service before, during and after the sale and purchase.
To avoid both the "hard sell" and "soft sell" approach, focusing on an informed society "Honest Sale" and a meeting of the minds.
Mexico Realty Group real estate services covering more than real estate matters. Questions about immigration, work procedures, routines investment? Our experience is at your disposal before, during and after your purchase or rental.
Check out our properties for sale and rent. We can also help show, buy or sell real estate through large Multiple Listing Service in the (MLS) of Baja California. Read about life with the proximity of the United States for a better life and build on the beaches of Baja California if you have some unanswered questions. If you have additional questions, please send us an email or call our phone (from the U.S. or Canada)
Our office is located in San Antonio Del Mar, Real del Mar faces
MRG Presents: Baja California Norte "as is" A visual and auditory tour attractions Rosarito. See the colors, textures and the vineyards along the beaches of the Baja California Tuscana. Travel and see all the towns that dot the sea. There is an introduction by and Brunch by appointment, followed by a tour of four listings of San Antonio Del Mar. Prices range from $ 130 to $ 722k for. These houses are representative of the quality and style of the residences on the shore of the Sea in the Rosarito area of ​​Baja California. Copies of our DVDs are available on Facebook of Mexico Beach Front Realty Group. Envita your friends to let them know the "Beauty of The Tuscana of Baja California"! Please come to our office to see our new DVD Area
Attentamente: Mexico Realty Group
Arturo Romero President Mex, U.S. Real Estate Broker license # 01018003