Description: Currency Exchange In MexicoThe currency of Mexico is the Peso. It is easily exchanged in most major cities and all resort destinations. When traveling to Mexico you will want to be aware of the current exchange rate between your money and the Mexican Peso.

You can exchange United States Dollars and Canadian Dollars for Mexican Pesos at most banks if you have an account with them. If you don’t have an account you will have to find a bank that will allow non customers to exchange money. There is a daily exchange rate that will be posted to tell you how much the bank will pay for Mexican Pesos, if you want to sell what you have. Also you will see another number which is how much the bank will charge you if you want to buy Mexican Pesos with your currency.

There are also money exchange houses that will buy and sell Mexican Pesos in competition with the banks but if you go to a money exchange house it will cost you more than at a bank.

Stores, supermarkets, local businesses and restaurants usually will post the exchange rate that they are offering, which varies from business to business. This is why we recommend having some information about the currency exchange rate in Mexico.


Link to Google Currency Calculator