Guetting T.V In Mexico


Description: Getting Television Service in MexicoTelevision service in Mexico can be either over the air to an antenna on your roof if you are in the reception area or by a satellite transmission provided by companies like Dish Network, Direct TV, or Sky TV, or from a cable company if you are in an area that has cable service available.

Local Cable Companies such as Cable Mas, offer basic programming at prices starting at $10 USD and going up to $50 USD for full channel access including telephone and internet service.

Here is some information on satellite companies that you may be interested in. The signals are sent from a satellite to a digital receiver at your home or office.

Direct TV: - With over 225 channels being offered and several state of the art features like TIVO (a solid state recorder) and HDTV.

Dish Network: - It is available in Mexico with a selected schedule chosen to meet the expectations of the families in Mexico. The programming is different from what is offered in the United States with a majority of Spanish speaking programs

Sky: - Sky is one of the most popular TV systems in Mexico. There is a choice of English or Spanish on about 40% of the channels. Basic programming offers about 100 channels for about $30 USD and over 400 channels for about $80 USD.

You should make sure you check all your options before investing in the hardware and labor costs to for any television service in Mexico.