Description: Internet service in MexicoInternet Service in Mexico is available in all large cities and resort towns throughout the country and uses standard Internet connections. Whether you are just visiting or moving to Mexico for long time you will be able to connect to the Internet either through an Internet café or hard wired or wireless into your home. You can get Internet service over your telephone line, through a cable modem or from a wireless service provider that will be able to provide for you the Internet connection at your home.

You will be able to find Internet service at a price ranging between $30 USD and $100 USD depending on your requirements and what is available in your area of Mexico.    

In Mexico, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, airports and other public places are increasingly offering WiFi (wireless Internet) access. You can usually use WiFi to make and receive Internet telephone calls using your laptop computer and services like Skype.  

Some Internet Service Providers:

»Prodigy.- Offers Dial-up, ADSL, and Wifi.

»Cable Access.- Incorporates ADSL and WiFi, the service is offered by Cablevision, part of the Televisa group.

»Cable Mas.– Operates nationwide in Mexico, providing local cable at affordable prices along with Internet access.

»Axtel.– Is located in Mexico, offers unlimited high speed and wireless Internet access and technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.   

»Avantel.- Offers Dial-up Internet services for individuals and businesses.