Description: Mexican PassportObtaining citizenship in Mexico has never been easier. The Mexican consulate welcomes all foreigners into their country.

To receive your Mexican citizenship you must have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, a general understanding of the history of Mexico and have lived in Mexico for the previous 5 years.  

The Law of Nationality, Article 19 Fraction III states the following requirements: 

Article 19. - Requirements for foreigners that would like to obtain Mexican Citizenship:

► Make an application to the Secretary of Government, requesting citizenship in Mexico.

► Prove that you know the Spanish language, the Mexican history and that you’re integrated to the Mexican society.

► Prove that you’ve been living in Mexico for at least the last five years.

There are two different visas that you can obtain to help you in the citizenship process.  

The FM3 form is “The Long Term Non Immigrant Visa”. The FM3 is a renewable long term visa (more than 6 months) which gives non-immigrant temporary residence status to the holder.  This means that it gives a person the right to live in Mexico, under the terms set out in the visa. Once applied and granted, the FM3 may be renewed for an additional four years.  

The FM2 form is “The Immigrant Visa”. This visa is for someone seeking permanent residence and wanting to obtain Mexican citizenship. You must hold an FM2 visa for a consecutive five years before you may apply for immigrant status or Mexican citizenship.  

The time limit changes to two years if you were born in Spain, Portugal or in one of the Latin American countries.  

You can also obtain citizenship if you’re married to a Mexican person or if you adopt a Mexican child or make a “significant contribution” to Mexico.

If you want to apply for Mexican citizenship we recommend that you contact an Attorney in Mexico to help you through this process.