If you are not going to be living in your property in Mexico year round or you are planning on renting it, you will want to consider hiring a property management company. This will take the burden of maintaining your property off of you.

The typical services you should look for from a property manager are:Description: Property Management in Mexico

Bill paying for the following:




Bank Trust


Cleaning Service

Maintenance and Supervision

You will want to have a schedule that will tell you what duties will be performed and how often they will be done. This will depend on your needs and the properties’ needs. It is not recommended to leave any property unattended for long periods of time.

Collection of all Fees and Rents

You will expect an accounting of the activity of your property. You will want a log of your renters names and personal information, the days they rented, the rent charged and the fees collected.


If it is a rental property, what kind of marketing system do they have? This is an important question if you don't want your property to sit empty. If they can’t answer this question clearly and precisely you should keep looking until you find one that does.

Not all property managers in Mexico are the same. It is definitely recommended that you interview and qualify your potential property manager before handing over your keys. You want to make sure they are a reputable company. Ask for referral from previous clients. See if they have an office or if they are doing this from their home. Be careful not to look for the least expensive service, sometimes it will cost you more in the long run.

Make sure they offer you record keeping that can be viewed online. This way you can have a real time accounting of money coming in or going out. Most importantly make sure you deal with a property manager that you trust and are comfortable.