Description: Telephone service in MexicoMexico has one of the most developed telephone systems in the western hemisphere. The company that dominates the telephone industry in Mexico is Telmex. It has a near monopoly on the Mexican communications market and does not have much competition. 

In Baja the company is called Telnor and offers telephone service, high speed internet, and telephone and computer hardware.   

As an alternative to the phone company, more and more people are using their computers for telephone calls. If you want to maintain a US phone number in Mexico you have some options to keep in touch with family and friends without additional cost for them and at a very low price. 

As an example, you can get a Vonage account and you can set up a United States number in any area code you wish and use the Internet to place and receive telephone calls. You just need to have high speed Internet service.Description: Telephone service in Mexico

You can also use a Magic-Jack in Mexico. This is a little USB device which you can hook up to your computer’s USB port and then plug a home telephone into the other end of the Magic-Jack. This is a very inexpensive service that you just pay a very low fee for a whole year.