There are three main utility services that you have to pay for while living in Mexico: Water, Electric and Gas (propane).

Water – The water bill comes once a month and you should pay about $10 to $20 dollars a month depending on how Description: Utilities and services in Mexicomuch you use. You can pay it at the city water office or pay at a designated collection facility such as banks, convenience stores and supermarkets. Ask your local water office when subscribing. If you are renting, some apartments pay the water bill, but make sure this is in your rental agreement.

Electric – This is a more expensive bill and it comes once every two months. You only have about a week from the date you received the bill before it is due. Even if you don’t receive the bill on time, it is your responsibility to pay on time.

CFE has different rates, depending on the use. If you use it a lot in a time period, you can incur in a higher rate. If you are renting or just bought a home, the electric bill may be in the previous owner’s name; make sure you change it to your name. This is very easy. Just bring your rental agreement or ownership documentation with your ID to the CFE; this way if the previous owner incurred the highest rate, you will start with the lowest rate at the beginning. Then it will depend on how much you use it.

Gas – Propane is very common in Mexico for stoves and water heaters, and room heaters because propane tends to be less expensive than electric service. You can buy individual tanks of varying sizes that can be refilled or exchanged. If you get a large permanent tank (200 liters or more) you can just call the gas company in your town and they fill your large tank usually the same day. You can also flag down a gas truck driver as they are patrolling the streets looking for customers.

A 45 kilo tank can last for about three weeks if you are using it for both the stove and the water heater and the average cost is $40 dollars per tank.