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Description: https://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/df8b/d387/8c01/645e8bb3f7d994cd2f6f/original.jpgA Factura is a “document of purchase” which reflects a delivery of a service or a product and is used to verify business expenses that can be claimed as deductions when filing your taxes in Mexico.

When you buy a product or a service in Mexico you will ask the vendor for a Factura. You will be asked to provide your company’s address, legal corporation name and tax identification which is called Registro Federal De Contribuyentes (R.F.C).

To apply for a R.F.C. you will have to go to the Secretaria De Hacienda y Credito Publico (SAT). The R.F.C. is a code number that you must receive in order to operate your own business and pay the required taxes. This is a prerequisite for all people that want to have their own business in Mexico.

In Mexico, Facturas are the only receipts accepted by Hacienda (IRS) as proof of your business expenses. For example, when you buy gas, it is better for you to ask for a Factura to prove your business expenses instead of a regular receipt or sales note, as it is called.